New travelling wave solutions for fractional regularized long-wave equation and fractional coupled Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation

Ozkan Guner


In this paper, solitary-wave ansatz and the (G′/G)-expansion methods have been used to obtain exact solutions of the fractional regularized long-wave (RLW) and coupled Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov (NNV) equation. As a result, three types of exact analytical solutions such as rational function solutions, trigonometric function solutions, hyperbolic function solutions are formally derived these equations. Proposed methods are more powerful and can be applied to other fractional differential equations arising in mathematical physics.


Exact solution; ansatz method; (G′/G)-expansion method; fractional regularized long-wave equation; fractional coupled Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation.

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