Design and optimization of a power supply unit for low profile LCD/LED TVs

Revna Acar Vural, İbrahim Demirel, Burcu Erkmen


The ongoing demand for smaller and lighter power supplies is driving the motivation to increase power density while maintaining a robust design compatible with international harmonic standards. Transformer design is a major challenge for low profile and high power density TV power cards. In addition to these, for electromagnetic interference standard and for providing efficient thermal management for heat emission, it is required to minimize EMI noise. In this study, by taking these stated criteria into consideration, a TV power card has been designed, which has 220W output power and can be used in low profile televisions. Proposed power card will meet desired critical parameters such as surface area and output power of the referenced card which has 13.5mm height, the heat, and power consumption at standby mode. Moreover, it is designed with 10mm height limit without any engraving on PCB in a way that it will meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) current harmonic standard to which TVs are subjected. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed power supply with 10mm height has 34% higher power density with respect to its counterpart having 13.5 mm height.


DC-DC converters; power density; power supply unit; TV power card

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