Optimization of Fleet Assignment: A Case Study in Turkey

Yavuz OZDEMIR, Huseyin BASLIGIL, Kemal Gokhan NALBANT


The fleet assignment problem which causes great increasing in costs is necessary for a solution of “right fleet to the right flight” for airline companies. In this paper, a fleet assignment model is set up using the data of the biggest Turkish airline company, Turkish Airlines. The aim of this model is to assign most appropriate fleet type to flights while minimizing the cost and determine optimal number of aircraft grounded overnight at each airport. We set up a model with constraints and determination of all airline operations and solve our problem using integer linear programming. Finally, we get an optimum solution which minimizes the total cost while assigning the fleet type to the flight leg. Using optimization software, the solution to this problem generates a minimum daily cost of fleet assignment and it aims to assign most appropriate fleet type to flights while minimizing the cost and determine optimal number of aircraft grounded overnight at each airport.


Airline planning; Fleet assignment; Linear integer programming; Optimization

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11121/ijocta.01.2012.0050


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