New extensions of Chebyshev type inequalities using generalized Katugampola integrals via Polya-Szegö inequality

Erhan Set, Zoubir Dahmani, İlker Mumcu


A number of Chebyshev type inequalities involving various fractional integral operators have, recently, been presented. In this work, motivated essentially by the earlier works and their applications in diverse research subjects, we establish some new Polya-Szego inequality involving generalized Katugampola fractional integral operator and use them to prove some new fractional Chebyshev type inequalities which are extensions of the results in the paper: [On Polya-Szego and Chebyshev type inequalities involving the Riemann-Liouville fractional integral operators, J. Math. Inequal, 10(2) (2016)].


Polya-Szegö inequality, Chebyshev inequality, Beta function, Katugampola fractional integral operators

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