Control and application of accuracy positioning estimation based real-time location system

Ahmet Aktaş


Nowadays, with the development of ultra-wide band antennas and internet of thing technologies, tracing systems are being developed in many fields such as security, health, mining and transportation. The accuracy location estimation issue is becoming very important in areas of application where occupational health and safety are high. In these applications, the transfer of information between the target and the manager, whose location must be accuracy known, has become indispensable. Especially when the target person is human, the movement parameters such as speed, acceleration, position and altitude compose the calculation parameters of the central management system. The information to be sent by the worker in emergency situations and warnings explain the need for real-time location systems to avoid a possible occupational accident. This paper includes real-time location system structure and improved accuracy location control algorithm, which are being used in occupational health and safety, hospital, storage, mine and tracing areas. The real-time location system was designed using a DWM1000 location sensor module with an ultra-wide band integrated antenna. Product usage time has been extended in designed real-time location cards with low power consuming processors. An accuracy positioning control algorithm has been improved to quickly and exactly locate the target to be tracked. With this algorithm, a new approach to real-time location systems has been introduced and worker tracing, information and warning systems are made with fast response time. The control cards developed in a sample workspace were tested and the application results on the developed computer virtual map interface were given.


Real-time location system; Accuracy positioning; Ultra-wide band; Positioning control algorithm; Worker tracking

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