Using matrix stability for variable telegraph partial differential equation

Mahmut Modanli, Bawar Mohammed Faraj, Faraedoon Waly Ahmed


The variable telegraph partial differential equation depend on initial boundary value problem has been studied. The coefficient constant time-space telegraph partial differential equation is obtained from the variable telegraph partial differential equation throughout using Cauchy-Euler formula. The first and second order difference schemes were constructed for both of coefficient constant time-space and variable time-space telegraph partial differential equation. Matrix stability method is used to prove stability of difference schemes for the variable and coefficient telegraph partial differential equation. The variable telegraph partial differential equation and the constant coefficient time-space telegraph partial differential equation are compared with the exact solution. Finally, approximation solution  has been found for both equations. The error analysis table presents the obtained numerical results.


Time-space telegraph differential equations, matrix stability, first and second order difference schemes, approximation solution.

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