An International Journal of Optimization and Control: Theories & Applications (IJOCTA)


Aims and Scope
This journal shares the research carried out through different disciplines in regards to optimization, control and their applications.
The basic fields of this journal are linear, nonlinear, stochastic, parametric, discrete and dynamic programming; heuristic algorithms in optimization, control theory, game theory and their applications.
Problems such as managerial decisions, time minimization, profit maximizations and other related topics are also shared in this journal.
Besides the original research articles expository papers, which are hard to express or model, conference proceedings, book reviews and announcements are also welcome.

Journal Topics
Applied Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Control Theory,  Game Theory, Fractional Calculus and Applications, Modeling of Bio-systems for Optimization and Control, Linear Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Stochastic Programming, Parametric Programming, Conic Programming, Discrete Programming, Dynamic Programming, Nonlinear Dynamics, Stochastic Differential Equations, Optimization with Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research in Life and Human Sciences, Heuristic Algorithms in Optimization, Applications Related to Optimization on Engineering.

YAMAN, Ramazan
Balikesir University / Turkey

Applied Mathematics & Control
Balikesir University / Turkey

Engineering Applications
Balikesir University / Turkey

University of Zagreb / Crotia

Fractional Calculus & Applications
BALEANU, Dumitru
Cankaya University / Turkey

Jan Dlugosz University / Poland

Optimization & Applications
WEBER, Gerhard Wilhelm
Poznan University of Technology / Poland

Balikesir University / Turkey 




Editorial Board
AFRAIMOVICH, Valentin - San Luis Potosi University / Mexico
AGARWAL, Ravi P. - Texas A&M University Kingsville / USA
AGHABABA, Mohammad P. - Urmai University of Tech. / Iran
AHMAD, Izhar - King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals / Saudi Arabia
ATANGANA, Abdon - University of the Free State / South Africa
AYAZ, Fatma - Gazi University / Turkey
BAGIROV, Adil - University of Ballarat / Australia
BATTINI, Daria - Universita degli Studi di Padova / Italy
CAKICI, Eray - IBM / Turkey
CARVALHO, Maria Adelaide Pinto dos Santos - Institute of Miguel Torga / Portugal
CHEN, YangQuan - University of California Merced / USA
DAGLI, Cihan H. - Missouri University of Science and Technology / USA
DAI, Liming - University of Regina / Canada
EVIRGEN, Firat - Balikesir University / Turkey
ISKENDER, Beyza B. - Balikesir University / Turkey
JONRINALDI - Universitas Andalas, Padang / Indonesia
KARAOGLAN, Aslan Deniz - Balikesir University / Turkey
KATALINIC, Branko - Vienna University of Technology / Austria
MACHADO, J. A. Tenreiro - Polytechnic Institute of Porto / Portugal
NANE, Erkan - Auburn University / USA
PAKSOY, Turan - Selcuk University / Turkey
SULAIMAN, Shamsuddin - Universiti Putra Malaysia / Malaysia
SUTIKNO, Tole - Universitas Ahmad Dahlan / Indonesia
TABUCANON, Mario T. - Asian Institute of Technology / Thailand
TEO, Kok Lay - Curtin University / Australia
TORIJA, Antonio J. - University of Granada / Spain
TRUJILLO, Juan J. - Universidad de La Laguna / Spain
WANG, Qing - Durham University / UK
XU, Hong-Kun - National Sun Yat-sen University / Taiwan
YAMAN, Gulsen - Balikesir University / Turkey
ZAKRZHEVSKY, Mikhail V. - Riga Technical University / Latvia
ZHANG, David Z. - University of Exeter / UK 

Technical Editor
AVCI, Derya - Balikesir University, Turkey

English Editors
INAN, Dilek - Balikesir University / Turkey

Editorial Assist Team
CETIN, Mustafa - Balikesir University / Turkey 
ONUR, Suat - Balikesir University / Turkey
UCMUS, Emine - Balikesir University / Turkey



New Open Access Policy


Dear Authors, Readers, Researchers, Peer Reviewers and Editors of IJOCTA,

In line with its main purpose of our journal, we want to inform all of you about some changes that will benefit to keep the actuality of papers and provide your valuable contributions to the relevant areas more rapidly.

  • For accepted papers, unlimited and immediate online access to full article with DOI number and full bibliographic details (i.e. volume, issue, and page numbers) will be provided as soon as peer-review is completed and the requirements of the editorial process is fulfilled. In this regard, we expect from all contributors to continue their contributions taking into account this subject.
  • IJOCTA is a biannual, peer-reviewed open access journal which is published in both printed and online versions. I want to highlight that this policy will continue to do so.
Posted: 2016-04-20

IJOCTA to be Indexed in Tubitak ULAKBIM - Engineering and Basic Sciences Database


We are delighted to announce that IJOCTA has been accepted for indexing in the Tubitak ULAKBIM - Engineering and Basic Sciences Database, which means that the articles published in our journal will now reach a wider spread of community.

Many thanks for your continuing interest in our work.

Posted: 2014-01-22 More...
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Vol 7, No 3 (2017): IJOCTA

The special issue dedicated to the 2nd International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Sciences (CMES2017)

In Progress

This issue contains final, fully citable articles that are published online but the volume/issue itself is awaiting more articles before it can be considered "final"

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Tolga Aktürk, Yusuf Gürefe, Hasan Bulut
Serbay Duran, Muzaffer Askin, Tukur Abdulkadir Sulaiman
Shko Ali-Tahir, Murat Sari, Abderrahman Bouhamidi
Gulistan Iskandarova, Dogan Kaya
Mohamed Fahim, Abdeslam Jakimi, Lahcen El Bermi
Gülnur Yel, Zeynep Fidan Koçak
Tolga Aktürk, Yusuf Gürefe, Yusuf Pandır
Seyma Tuluce Demiray, Hasan Bulut
Dilara Altan Koç, Mustafa Gülsu
Selmahan Selim, Gözde Elver, Murat Sari
Münevver Tuz